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Whether building your own or having it built for you, its important that your walls and ceilings are done to a high standard so that once they are painted the surfaces look smooth, even and clean. at IPS, we appreciate the value of your home and what it means to you to have the job done right.

Whether your're renovating yourself of having it done for you, its important that the quality of your walls, ceilings and cornices is high so that follow-up jobs such as painting or wall papering is done with a correct surface. It makes it so much easier.  That's why its best to have Illawarra Plastering Services do this critical job for you. Not only is it done right and with the best materials such as CSR or Boral, its also done quickly allowing to concentrate on the other parts of the renovation.


If you're looking to have your home or office designed for you by an architect, you obviously care about the quality of the finished product. A wall with a featured finish or special cornice will reflect your individuality and personality. That's why a professional job is so important. At IPS we will work with your architect to ensure the design is not only pleasing but also practical to minimise costs.

Dealing with an insurance claim is stressful enough, ensuring that the tradespeople do a good job can also be challenging. At IPS we work to take the plastering jobs away from being stressful. We work closely with the insurers and the clients to resolve issues quickly and to our usual high standard.

Even the smallest details can make a difference to the aesthetic harmony of a room. Gyprock cornices are the perfect finishing touch to help you create the style you are looking for, especially when balanced with other interior design features.

Raked ceilings have the capacity to add style to your home and create the sense of space and openness.

With exposed beams they create a feature that will have your guests looking up, so its important the the plastering is done correctly. IPS understands this and will work to deliver a high quality finish  that will have you smiling every time you look up.

Architects and homeowners have been increasingly choosing shadowline cormices for interior designs characterised by clean, contemporary lines. IPS can offer a range of shadowline cornices that are specifically designed to create clean lines.

Many architects and builders choose to use square set with no cornice however their plaster lining contractors report a number of difficulties using square set as they discover the ceiling and walls are out of alignment. This problem is difficult to overcome and also they run the risk of increased cracking.